We are getting error at below statement in IE.


Hi Team,

We are getting "Object Expected" error on below statement from Alert.js.
    var alertJsWrapper = Alert.$("#alertJs-wrapper");
Method Name: Alert.show

We have downloaded the latest stable version and issue is persistent on IE only.
Closed Mar 9 at 11:17 PM by Liger_cp <SND\Liger_cp>
Could not reproduce/not enough info


Liger wrote Feb 6 at 8:15 PM


Can you share a bit more about your environment? E.g.:
  • Your version of CRM?
  • Your version of IE?
  • Is the issue consistent on other PC's?
  • Did you download from the home page or from the latest checked in source code? The latest checked in code may not be 100% tested, so to be safe use the latest download release.
  • Can you share your code being used to call alert.js?

wrote Mar 9 at 11:17 PM