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Very Minor CSS Issue


Firstly, Thank you very much for this tool, it has saved me a lot of time and improved the UX of the solution.

However, I have noticed one very minor CSS issue. Basically when using showDialogProcess, I see that the code is adding the alert-js-hide class, but the error image is still appearing in the top left of the dialog.

I traced this issue to alert_2_0.css not being loaded and added the following line of code between lines 49 and 50 of alert_2_0.js and lines 64 and 65 of alert.js to resolve the issue:
"<link rel='stylesheet' href='" + baseUrl + "/WebResources/" + Alert._prefix + "/css/alert_2_0.css' />" +

This work around has fixed the problem for me but you may have a much more elegant solution!
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Liger wrote Dec 9, 2016 at 8:58 PM

You shouldn't need to add _2_0 to the web resources, the solution is designed to work with the web resources being named just 'alert.js' and 'alert.css'. The current version is actually v2.1, which may be why you're getting a mismatch.

It may be a bit confusing in the source code, but the files with _2_0 appended are actually the previous version. The current version is always just under alert.js and alert.css. Also, if you download the solution packages everything should automatically match up using the latest version.

Hope that helps

wrote Jan 24 at 1:27 AM